ISO 22000:2005 is an international standard designed to ensure food chain security. The Standard permits the creation of a food safety management system, including HACCP principles and HACCP plan, and food chain safety requirements (communication within the company, communication with suppliers and customers, storage conditions, access to information on food products / services provided , the development of new food products / services)

Benefits of ISO 22000:
  • ensures better implementation of HACCP;
  • includes the benefits of implementing the HACCP system;
  • it is structured like the ISO 9001 standard, which makes it easier to implement ISO 22000 in companies that are already ISO 9001 certified.

The standard applies to all food companies (food production, packaging, transport, storage, serving and marketing), regardless of their size and complexity and who want to implement a system that provides the premises for obtaining safe food products for growth trust between customers, suppliers and supervisors.