SA 8000 - Social Accountability 8000 - has been developed to promote social responsibility across all business environments around the world.

Without being a coercive consumer tool to stifle the actions of market players, the SA 8000 has been developed in particular to develop socially responsible companies through self-evaluation and differentiation from other organizations operating under precarious working conditions.

The SA 8000 standard covers all labor rights stipulated in the ILO Conventions, along with other provisions, including the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child.

The standard outlines a credible, exhaustive and effective tool to ensure appropriate workplace conditions by ensuring that:
  • all widely recognized work rights at international level;
  • system management requirements at the organizational level for innovation and compliance;
  • involvement of all stakeholders in which all sectors are involved, including workers and trade organizations, companies, socially responsible investors, governmental and non-governmental organizations. Participation is requested by the Decision Committee in order to carry out activities such as drafting and reviewing the standard.